Download Ebook Farmasi “Quality Through Supply Chain”


Berikut ebook gratis dari Pharmtech berjudul “Quality Throught The Supply Chain” ebook ini berisi:


daftar isi:

  • Could Greater Transparency Improve Pharmaceutical Quality and Compliance Agnes Shanley
  • Ensuring Quality in Pharmaceutical Raw Agnes Shanley
  • Paperless Batch Records for the Masses Agnes Shanley
  • Too Much by Half: Misapplication of the Half-Cycle Approach to Sterilization James Agalloco
  • Is Global Regulatory Gridlock Slowing Modernization? Agnes Shanley
  • Microbiological Testing, Time is of the Essence Cynthia A. Challener
  • Investigation Effectiveness Drives Human Performance Excellence Clifford Berry
  • Extending QMS to Contract Partners Agnes Shanley

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M. Fithrul Mubarok, S.Farm.,Apt

M. Fithrul Mubarok

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