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[socialpoll id=”2468526″]Majalah Pharmafile berisi berita mengenai farmasi pada umumnya dan juga tentang farmasi industri.


Berikut daftar isinya:

8 Balancing the R&D equation
13 Investing in innovation
18 Causality: Taking disease research beyond pathways
20 The pharmaceutical research and development challenge
24 Tackling the challenges of rare conditions head on
26 Clinical trial services
28 Pharmacovigilance
30 Regulatory affairs
34 Medical, laboratory equipment suppliers
Developments in Oncology
37 A unique network with one goal
39 Oncology market to 2022
41 Shooting for the moon: The National Cancer Institute’s Formulary
43 Ending the era of $100,000 cancer drugs
46 The burden of choice
48 Rare cancers through the looking glass

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M. Fithrul Mubarok

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